This tools and information on this site are being created for doctoral research which begins closing several gaps in news literacy work in academic research. An existing tool to measure news literacy has been redesigned to better suit use in different cultural and national environments – it was originally designed for use in America and did not adapt well to other countries or cultural settings.

The activities in this app allow individuals to reflect on their own news literacy, the news media industry, and grow a self-awareness about the quality and origin of information we use to make decisions in our daily lives.

The background to the project

In February 2018, the Australian Senate published the final report of the Select Committee on the Future of Public Interest Journalism. Submissions to the inquiry noted “that coverage of important information for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups had attenuated over the last decade” and recommendations included “determin[ing] how areas of the Australian Curriculum may be improved regarding digital media awareness and media literacy”.

It is now the responsibility of researchers and the media industry to ensure diverse populations can meaningfully consume local media, trust critical public interest information delivered via media outlets, and participate in their civic rights and responsibilities.